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1st Class Results is a company that stands for the careful and reliable management of leaseholds. We combine tact and diplomacy to find the common interests of the often very different lessees, thus ensuring the best possible care of your property. Our objective is to provide you as owner with the security of an outstandingly managed property which has excellent prospects of maintaining and maximising its value.


Professional and effective partners assist us in carrying out our functions: these include architects, surveyors and reliable tradesmen who provide high-quality work, whether this involves large-scale measures or smaller repairs, and who present correctly prepared bills.

We know that office cleaning isn't exactly rocket science but we do believe it's more than just emptying the bins and vacuuming the carpet.

It goes without saying that your premises need to be meticulously clean all the time, but we also place great emphasis on recruiting cleaning staff with a positive and helpful attitude. We believe the traditional image of the grumpy cleaner who scowls at you when you walk across the floor he or she is mopping needs to be consigned to the history books.

We are equally happy conducting your cleaning in office hours, or alternatively when you have gone home for the night. Our staff are fully referenced and conversant with security and key holding responsibilities. We like to think of our office cleaning services as being completely inconspicuous so that we can leave you to get on with your business. We know you have better things to worry about than if that all important customer goes to the toilet only to find the bog roll's run out! Sit back and relax – we're in charge of that!

We can do the whole shooting match for you – we'll look after recycling, refuse collection, carpet cleaning, janitorial supplies, window cleaning, hygiene services and general maintenance






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